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From the Idea
to the Production

Our company is divided into two branches specialised in the production of large batches, over 10,000 units, with a production capacity of over 2 million pieces per year, and small batches, with a minimum production of 500 units per reference.

In addition, we offer the possibility of creating Pilot Batches to be defined on site.

We are here to guide you through every stage, from initial conception to final production, whether you are an emerging start-up or an already established brand in the market. Find out how our personalised approach can make a difference to your product.

Personalized Management and Flexibility

Adapting to your needs

Discussion of the product's target market, available budget and manageable quantities, customising the service according to the customer's needs.

Already have packaging?

If you already have packaging available, you can provide it to us and receive the product in bulk directly in your format.

Certifications and Eco-sustainable Commitment

We are proud to be ISO 9001 and GMP certified, reflecting our commitment to quality and eco-sustainability.

This ensures our presence not only in Europe, but also internationally.


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