Intervista at Casa Sanremo – Rai

In the vast universe of cosmetics, behind every beauty product lies a story of innovation, commitment and passion.

Casa Sanremo had the opportunity to interview Marco Esposito, founder and owner of our company, which stands out for its dedication to the research and development of high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

In this interview, Marco took us through the journey of Cosmlab SpA, highlighting its commitment to excellence and ethics in the cosmetics industry.

A look behind the scenes at Cosmlab Spa

Marco Esposito introduced the company as a laboratory where engineers and chemists work together to create innovative formulas. It was fascinating to learn how they focus not only on in-house production, but also offer third-party development services, working with established brands in the market and emerging start-ups.

Commitment to excellence and ethics

One of the things that becomes clear during the interview is the importance that Marco and our team attach to ethics and quality. Working with respect for the environment and complying with European standards are key priorities for Cosmlab Spa. This commitment results not only in high quality products, but also in a focus on environmental sustainability, an increasingly important aspect in today’s world.

The value of ‘Made in Italy’ in the cosmetics sector

Marco Esposito emphasised the importance of enhancing ‘Made in Italy’ in the cosmetics sector. This not only represents a tribute to traditional Italian craftsmanship, but also testifies to the innovation and excellence that characterise Italian companies on the international cosmetics scene.

The interview with Marco Esposito gave us a close look behind the scenes of our company and allowed us to appreciate the commitment and dedication that guide this company on its path to excellence.

The combination of scientific research, business ethics and the enhancement of ‘Made in Italy’ makes Cosmlab Spa a point of reference in the world of cosmetics, where beauty merges with innovation and sustainability.


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